Strong Roots

Our Story

Strong Roots is about knowing where you're from so you can grow to where you want to be.

Who are we?

“We’re a new start-up food company from Dublin in Ireland bringing frozen food back from the dead. We’re keeping it simple, tasty and delicious.  Check out our video. I mean what I say”. – Samuel Dennigan – Founder


Honesty in Food from Underground Flavours.


Be the first choice for consumers of premium and healthy branded frozen food based on innovation, creativity and a strong relationship with the consumer, customers and partners.

Our Team

Our people are essential, they make Strong Roots a reality every day.

Samuel Dennigan 


Moving forward and changing constantly in order to always be at the front of what is happening. Knowing where I am, in order to progress!

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer”- Albert Camus

Our Roots

Revolutionising the concept of Frozen Food


Honesty in food is now vital. We want to know what we are consuming and if it is coming from a reliable source. We also want to know, whether it is good for us, and how good?. We believe that having an honest conversation with people is the first step to start closing the gap between consumers and ourselves.


We put our heart, mind, and body every day into what we love, in order to bring the best in food products and experience.


Food trends and food development comes nearly exclusively from the world’s top chefs and restaurants. We realise there is a huge opportunity to filter those ideas and create new ones that will bring freshness to the frozen section with a new range of frozen vegetables.