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9 Freezer Friendly Foods That You Need to Know About

The freezer is one of the most underrated appliances in the kitchen. People forget its ability to stop time and keep you from dashing to the nearest takeaway. It can also store nearly anything, so in honour of this clever convenient appliance, we made a list of handy freezer friendly foods.

 1. Vegetables

Example of freezer friendly foods no.1 = vegetables

Example of freezer friendly foods no.1 = vegetables

Firstly, we believe that on (nearly) every plate, vegetables should reign supreme and the good news is, when frozen they don’t loose any vitamin content. It’s best to freeze the veggies when they’re at their peak freshness.

A good example is ginger, though technically used as a herb, you only use small bits at a time and the rest quickly goes off, so it’s best to chop it up and put in the freezer. And funnily enough, frozen ginger is easier to grate than fresh.

2. Rice, grains, and beans

For a hearty, handy and nutritious filling for any dish, make a double batch of rice, grains or beans to freeze. Stocking up on these will prevent you resorting to instant mixes and save you money. As the temperature starts to dip, these are the ideal comfort food.

3. Herbs

Next up on our list of freezer friendly foods is herbs

Next up on our list of freezer friendly foods is herbs!

A nifty way to freeze herbs is to chop them up and place them in an ice tray with water or oil. Once frozen, they then act as a sort of herb stock cube and you can add them to any dish as they are heating. Needless to say, this method saves you plenty of Thyme….

4. Bacon

Curb your savoury cravings and freeze some bacon. It defrosts quickly and adds that extra something to a salad, sandwich or pasta dish. Definitely one of our favourite freezer friendly foods!

5. Cheese

For all those cheese fanatics out there, yes you can freeze almost every type of cheese. The list includes camembert, cheddar, Edam, swiss, mozzarella, blue cheese and much more. However, it’s better to avoid freezing any container cream cheese, cottage cheese or ricotta.

6. Bread

We tend to forget that bread is freezer friendly!

We tend to forget that bread is freezer friendly!

It seems to take only seconds before you see the dreaded green splotches of mould appear on a fresh loaf of bread, so make it last longer and pop it in the freezer. Sliced bread doesn’t stick and it defrosts in minutes via the toaster or grill.

7. Nuts

The benefits of eating nuts are now well established and they add a nice crunch to salads, vegetable side dishes, porridge, and deserts. But they do go rancid fast, so store them in the freezer and have almonds, macadamia’s, cashews, chestnuts on tap.

8. Fruit

Fruit is a great example of freezer friendly foods!

Fruit is a great example of freezer friendly foods!

Freezing fruit is a no-brainer. They’re handy for smoothies, as unlike with fresh fruit, you don’t have to add ice and they’re perfect for desserts. It’s best to freeze fruits when they’re at their peak freshness. The frozen cherry on top of the cake is freezing doesn’t alter the texture or nutrition content of the fruit.

9. Homemade Stock

Last but not least, soup is another go-to winter warmer and with frozen homemade stock at the ready, it can come together in minutes. Add noodles, vegetables or pasta and concoct a tasty, inexpensive soup.

In conclusion, these are some of our go-to freezer friendly foods but by no means an exhaustive list. Please contribute your own words of wisdom in the comments section below. Let’s start a conversation!


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